Juni 2015, Burgellern bei Schesslitz

Hello Markus,
It has been two months that we tied the knot!! Everything works perfectly well. We are still living in Coburg now and plan to move to Shanghai in October. We just received the picture of our big day and attached you will see two of them from the ceremony. It was really sweet memory of our ceremony in Burgellern, in the garden, under the big tree of hundreds years old, with breeze and drizzle, family and friends around us...
We especially would like to thank you for your great job as our ceremony leader. Your touching and expressive speech, your gentle voice of presenting the truth of love, your special and meaningful gift to us.. everything composes the perfect wedding ceremony we have been looking for. Not only us, we also received very positive feedbacks from our guests, no matter where they come from. Everyone enjoyed that fabulous moment, and it will stay lifelong in our mind…  Once again, we would like to thank you for helping us to create such beautiful and legendary chapter in our life. 
We would also like to give our best wishes to you and your wife… Hope you stay happy and healthy… Hope all of us can carry on our life with such wonderful joy, because it’s a splendid world, and we find each other in this world…
Best wishes, V. & T.