Juni 2013, deutsch-englische Trauung auf Schloss Pertenstein

Dear Silvia, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for performing our wedding ceremony at Schloss Pertenstein. The ceremony was filled with heart, love and emotion and we are both extremely happy with the entire proceeding.  Your words were absolutely perfect. They fit so well, not only for us, but also for all our guests. Many of them commented on how amazing the ceremony was for them, too. We can honestly say that it was a perfect ceremony for the perfect  day!
The fact that you conducted the ceremony in two different languages (German and English) with the same level of passion and vigor is a testament to your professionalism and ability.  Everything you said deeply touched our hearts and also struck an emotional tone with each and every individual at our wedding.
We would like to share two stories with you that will forever be associated with the ceremony you performed on our wedding day: After the ceremony two good friends of ours, who follow the Catholic Church quite seriously, told us that the ceremony showed them that it’s not only churches that can bind couples together, but also that God can be everywhere.
The second story is about two friends who have been married for several years now. Their marriage had been struggling for some months at the time of our wedding.  Six months after our wedding, they told us that our ceremony really helped them to think about their marriage and helped them to look at things with a different perspective on what they both have with each other.  It is because of this that they were able to take a step forward and partly resolve their issues.
You are an incredibly genuine person and we cannot thank you enough for sharing this day with us. We will highly recommend you to anybody and everybody! J. & N.

Freie Trauung Chiemgau: Traurednerin gestaltet eure freie Trauung auf Schloss Pertenstein

Traurednerin Englisch und Französisch - freie Trauung Bayern

Silvia Schäfler, Buchloe
Traurednerin Englisch für Schloss Pertenstein
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